Peaceful piecing

As the end of my maternity leave looms, Little E has had a few trips to nursery – leaving me with a bit of time on my hands. The first trip was half an hour and I sat in the lobby of the nursery reading a book and jumping every time someone walked down the corridor. The second I left him for an hour and made it as far as the neighbouring leisure centre for a coffee and a read – finally finished Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth by the way, a long read (over a month – unheard of for me!) but well worth the effort. As both sessions went so well today he was there for 2 hours over lunch time and I came home and had an hour and a half with the chicken quilt. So nice to have uninterrupted time to get the machine and ironing board out, especially during the day when I have the energy to do anything!
The photo at the top of the post shows the quilt as it was the last time I blogged..

I finished the last piece off last week (above) – I love the spotty Moda fabric used as the green background and in red as the legs and beak – I’m going to go by backing for the quilt next week and I think that the red spotty would be a good choice, if they still have it in stock..
(The red thread in the photo is the amount of floss I had left – I was worried that I wasn’t going to make it!)

The quilt falls into three pieces which are each sewn together – I used my new quilting foot to get 1/4inch seams – and ironing each piece and seam as I go – I ironed the fabric over to one side and then turned over and ironed the seam from the front as well – I’m not sure if that’s a really obvious thing to do but the second ironing really seemed to make a difference so thought I’d mention it! The 3 panels are going to be joined by strips of fabric which I’ll need to piece together from my left over fabric, so I’m hoping for a good long nap over the weekend so I can get a bit further..


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