Almost a quilt..

My parents visited last week, I very proudly laid out the quilt I’m making for Edward, telling them I had almost finished the last block. Then I noticed the hole, I’m a square missing.. The photo that came with the directions has a cushion on it covering the area of the quilt in question. However when I blogged about the quilt last year I found this photo online

When I revisited the photo to illustrate my point in this blog post, I realised that it has the square on it (the chick in the bottom right corner), which begs the question why don’t they use this photo on the front of the directions??

Apart from that small point – and you do get the size of the square in the pattern so could have chosen what to do if I hadn’t found the second photo – I’ve found it all straight forward so far, I hadn’t done much appliqué before, after a bit of research I decided that using bondaweb to fix the shapes in place and hand stitching them on using blanket stitch would be the easiest.. I know that machine stitching would be quicker but I prefer hand stitching and have more control over hand stitching than I have over my machine. If I’m honest I’m still a bit scared of the machine, but it won’t be long now till I finish the blocks off and have to get stitching my first quilt together!


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