Birthday books and a Sunday morning ramble

At lunch last Sunday I was asked if we were going to be blogging about Little Ted and it’s something I’ve been wondering about. How much should you say about your children online?? How many photos should you post? Do any of you have rules you stick to when blogging about your families??

My current plan is to try to stick to craft on the blog, but given most of my craft at the moment is baby focussed I imagine you’ll be seeing a fair bit of the little guy! I’m currently working on 2 quilts for him and have grand plans for Christmas stockings, an advent calendar, a door plaque and one of those charts with the days of the week and the weather etc – you know the ones I mean?? Not to mention knitting some more.

I was bought the [Softies book]( by Geraldine (who writes a fab [travel blog]( and her husband Rand, which I have seen reviewed in a few places so I won’t go into too much detail, it has some amazing projects – a favourite has to be the Lonely Dollop if you haven’t seen the book what you just imagined is probably right! – in fact (, hopefully I’ll be posting about things I’ve made from the book. I love the little teeth – one pictured on the front cover – they’d make great tooth fairy pillows. – As you can tell I have more ideas than time at the moment, I think it might be that way for some time to come!

I was also bought the new Nigella book – [Kitchen]( and just have to say a quick word about how much I’m enjoying just reading it through, I’ve never sat and read a recipe book before and apart from making me hungry, I can already see that her quick suppers are going to come in very useful! – We already tried her marmite pasta which I loved (though Duncan wasn’t so impressed) and I have another 2 meals from her book planned this week, hopefully we’ll both enjoy them!


2 thoughts on “Birthday books and a Sunday morning ramble

  1. I’ve looked at the sample pages of the Softies Book on Amazon – it really looks like some adorable projects. I look forward to any posts of ones you’ve made. I’ve added it to my book list. I’ll check out the travel blog as well – thanks for the info!

    Brother XL2610

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