Quilts at Hever Castle

I topped off a lovely week with my Mum by going to the [Patchwork & Quilting Show at Hever Castle](http://www.hha.org.uk/DB/news/patchwork-and-quilting-exhibition-at-hever-castle.html). Once again I found myself in awe of the talent out there, there was some really amazing work on show!

Inspired by the work I vowed to take out my chicken quilt and do more work on that. I also signed up for a block of the month quilt with [Antique Angel](http://www.antiqueangel.co.uk/cart/product-view.php?CA=Block%20of%20the%20Month%20Quilts&SES=0f062255a6fd0ad078a08864b9e06aa9) – because, well you know I’m not soo busy doing anything else at the moment, I post more on this when my first pack comes through! 🙂

Here are a very small selection of photos, taken on my iphone so not great quality and I had no room/ability to zoom out so they’re mainly portions of some of the very large quilts on show –

The first quilts we saw were entered into the Hever Challenge on the theme ‘My Favourite Artist’. Next to a quilt inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci was this one titled ‘Bachelor Boy’ by Jan Williams, my Mum is a huge Cliff fan so it was a firm favourite!

There were some great children’s quilts exhibited..

I’ve been planning on doing an advent calender for a few years now – and love this quilted one, luckily I resisted buying a second kit!

This really appeals to my loves of science and art, plus the frogs are just really cute 🙂

I’ve also had a long term love of Japanese art, the image above is a bit blurry but was inspired by a lacquered screen and I loved the work in the one below.

I could have taken so many more photos,


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