Snow joke

Couldn’t resist the title of this post..
I’m not the first to blog [this amazing satellite photo of Britain in the snow](, but it’s just fab!

Photo: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response

Photo: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response

The amazing thing is the difference between the snow here and the complete lack of snow in town.. Didn’t stop me falling on my bum at Euston on Thursday! I’m pleased to report that I was helped up by a very kind man. It’s sad that that is the first question people have asked me, assuming that unfriendly Londoners would have left a pregnant woman abandoned on the floor.

While watching the snow I’m being spectacularly unproductive on the craft front, I’ve been sat here watching Gilmore girls (yes, still hooked) and playing [free Tetris online]( all morning instead of the many things I’d like to get finished in the next few months.

I was however, very impressed with Rob’s girlfriend’s pre-Christmas handiwork.. She made him a [Stuffed Reddit Alien Toy]( Check out his post about it for how it was put together..

Cameron and her reddit alien

Cameron and her Reddit alien

Inspired by Cam’s handwork I’m off to get the ironing board out to do a bit more work on my baby quilt, photos to follow when I have something to share!


2 thoughts on “Snow joke

  1. Hope you manage to stay on your feet as the bad weather continues! I love the Gilmore Girls too – if Stars Hollow were a real town, I’d be checking on house prices and seeing if I could move there…

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