Distinct lack of peaches

This summer we moved to the country and according to the song there should be ‘Millions of peaches, peaches for me..’ Maybe you have to be outside the M25 for peaches?

We moved to a real peach of a house in Caterham Valley and so that’s where I’ve been, exploring the area, decorating and generally settling in.

We’ve got a new addition:


This is Scooby a lovely 2 year old cat we got from the [Cats Protection](http://www.eastsurrey.cats.org.uk/), they have a couple of kittens listed on their website with broken legs – I can’t get over how cruel people can be! But Scooby seems to be settling in well and hopefully will be very happy with us!

We have another new arrival on the way, due in April which is another reason for the lack of blog posts – I’ve been pretty exhausted for the first few months of my pregnancy, but I’ve at least started knitting again – nearly finished a hoody cardigan for my friend’s baby, Isabel (I’ll post a photo if it turns out OK!).

I’m going to try my hand at quilting over the next few months (/years) and am going to make the quilt below.. it’s a bit of a challenge, but it should keep me and Scooby busy!



2 thoughts on “Distinct lack of peaches

  1. What a sweet cat! One of my cats is also from a rescue.

    Congratulations on your upcoming arrival, how exciting!

    The quilt is so cute! What a great project, I can’t wait to see what fabrics you chose to use!

    Take care! Cheryl

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