Paper anniversary & my first interview!

We celebrated our wedding anniversary the other weekend. Can’t believe it’s been a year already!


I’ve absolutely adored our first year of marriage and we really spoilt ourselves.

The Lions match in a sports bar on Saturday afternoon, followed by a stunning performance of Madam Butterfly at the ENO – which was beautifully done, very simple but striking set and costumes. We recognised some of the traditional Japanese Kabuki moves from a production of the Mikado we were both in a couple of years ago.. So something for each of us I guess!

I’m determined we’re going to stick to the traditional themes for anniversary gifts so year one was paper, so Duncan bought me a subscription to [Sew magazine.]( A fantastic new magazine published in the UK .. which I appear to be the exact target market for! You might recognise a little someone in issue two.. which dropped onto my doormat today! There’s a feature on sewing bloggers with mini interviews with 5 of us – it’s quite exciting!
I was really hoping to include some photos, but as neither of our cameras has battery, I’ll link to [Lisa’s review of issue one]( for now instead! – I couldn’t resist posting straight away, Duncan’s out and I had to tell somebody! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Paper anniversary & my first interview!

  1. Congratulations on your year!
    we clock up 32 at the end of this month and i’ve loved them all.
    I haven’t been getting your posts through to google reader lately I wonder why?
    I like Schubert!

  2. Suzi,
    Happy anniversary and congratulations on your first year. Your dress was beautiful! How lovely that you got to see Madame Butterfly. It is one of my favorite operas and yet I have not seen it live for over 20 years. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration!

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