The princess and the pea

Princess and the Pea Embroidery

One of my favourite stories as a child was the Princess and the Pea, so I’ve been really excited by some of the projects I’ve seen around recently.

This embroidery is just so lovely, it looks so simple, which I find are often the hardest projects to do!

Over at Soulemama [this amazing project]( ) really captured my imagination and I’ll be saving this one up for the future 🙂

Just realised how ambiguous this is and that I didn’t properly reference the embroidery – just to clarify it’s not my work! It’s by the very talented [Georgia McDonald](!
Also after a bit of digging I’ve found [the pattern for it]( over at etsy – very reasonable at $5!


5 thoughts on “The princess and the pea

  1. How cute! I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch, but not now. I do have a couple of projects that I would dearly love to finish. I was thinking of doing a post on them to, perhaps, inspire me. We’ll have to see about that. In any case, I think the Princess and the Pea is just adorable.

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