Knitting update and not counting chickens


The flowers obviously did the trick 🙂

We accepted an offer on our flat on Thursday and there’s now a lovely Sold sign outside. Not counting chickens, touching wood and looking out for pairs of magpies! We’re also booking appointments to go and view places out in Surrey.


After more than a couple of false starts, a bit of a strop and a lovely afternoon with a good knitting friend (that’s both good friend and a friend who’s good at knitting!), I am proud to present the half finished back of my gilet-to-be…

Gilet back

My initial problems stemmed from not understanding the pattern properly and having to count 82 stitches.. yep – I have a PhD and struggled counting to 82(!)

But now I’m underway so far so good! The tricky bit is not dropping the cable needle – any advice on that would be very welcome!


2 thoughts on “Knitting update and not counting chickens

  1. Hi Suzy Its taken me ages to find you again now you are not directly linked to the big list. Its a great success and I just wanted to thank you for whatever you did to it to make it how it is now, I don’t know how I got into the top ten but I am delighted.
    Thank you.
    Good luck with the house hunting.

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