Laundry days

We’re trying to sell our flat, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that here, but where I used to spend my Saturday mornings sewing or writing blog posts, we now clear out for viewings..


We bought these beautiful lilies for the viewings this weekend, hear’s hoping that between them and the sunshine we made an impression! I love the shading on these, they’d make a lovely embroidery..

One of the other benefits is the tidiest of flats, I’m not a neat freak by nature, but now I can’t leave for work without tweaking the duvet so it’s just so. When I get a call at work saying can we bring someone to view this afternoon I then flash back to did I put that pile of laundry away? Did I leave a glass on the work top? what mess have we left out!!

There are only two of us, but as we effectively have only Saturday to Sunday evening to wash everything and get it dried it it’s a bit of a focus! Today’s a bank holiday in the UK so no work and no viewings – I’ve got washing strung up all over the flat 🙂

It hasn’t all been laundry this weekend, we went out to Surrey to the area we’re hoping to move to. When we first put the flat on the market we went out house hunting, fell in love we a great place, which sold about a month ago.. with no news on our place I just can’t go look at any more until we actually can put an offer in, but we can still go and look round and enjoy the countryside that will hopefully soon be a lot closer!

Happy Valley

We walked section 5 of the [London loop](, through the North Downs. The picture is of Happy Valley – you can’t go wrong with a place name like that!


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