Can't sleep..

It’s twenty past four, no work tomorrow, a very busy weekend planned and I can’t sleep..
So I thought a blog post was in order, please excuse my late night ramblings!

We’re traveling up to Yorkshire tomorrow for my sister-in-law’s wedding on Monday, so I’ll have another bash at [starting knitting my shrug]( I started it a few weeks ago, but haven’t quite got the hang of the ribbing, I’m hoping my Mother-in-law will have chance to help me out this weekend! Though I imagine it will be a pretty hectic weekend!

In fact I’ve just come across a site with [quite comprehensive instructional videos on knitting](, I think I might have to try ribbing on a practice piece before attempting it in a garment!

A friend sent this video through to me – it’s fabulous, watch through to the end, it just gets funnier!

Mary over at [Needle’nThread has a 10% off deal for the month of April]( with The French Needle, they have some [beautiful surface embroidery kits]( I love [this bird]( but between the exchange rate and the duty payable for shipping into the UK it works out quite expensive!

While I quite like being awake while everyone else is asleep, it’s so quiet outside and there’s no pressure to be doing anything, I know I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow so I should try and grab a bit of sleep.

Goodnight all!


One thought on “Can't sleep..

  1. I love the video, made me laugh. Folks are so clever, aren’t they? Some of the knitting videos have been very helpful for my own efforts, too. Thank you for sharing the great links and I hope that you get some rest soon. I have many nights when I can’t sleep and always feel like a slug the next day.

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