How I learned to knit using the internet

Cast on

How to Knit – Casting On from Penny Dablin –

Very clear instruction, assumes no prior knowledge and is has a good visual everything’s done very slowly, even so I had to replay the video a few times before I got it (and have gone back to it for every new project since!)

– I found on some other videos the hands sometimes masked what what was happening a little or it was done a it quicker maybe?

Apparently there are two methods to casting on and according to [this article ]( the thumb method, shown in the video above, gives a less firm edge to your knitting. Maybe it would be worth trying to learn the other method – which uses two needles, but I didn’t find a video I could follow using that method – if you know of one please post a link in the comments!


How to Knit for Beginners : How to Make the Basic Knit Stitch, Expert

Now I had had previous instruction in the knitting part, so just needed to find a reminder
but this video is really clear and I’m sure will make it easy for someone who’s never seen it (sorry the permissions for embedding this were disabled, but it’s a really good vid).

Casting off

I like this video – especially the size of the needles used.

Threadheads have a clip, which joins all of these together which is a good refresher if you know the basics but need a reminder:

Next steps

[This glossary of knitting terminology]( might come in useful once we get onto using patterns.

My next project is going to be a shrug – my mum’s tested the patten, her dog (Buddy) ate a chunk of it, the lady in John Lewis helped me find the right wool and needles.

So far I’ve just asked which needles I will need as I buy the wool but this video explains the different types of needles and the different materials they can be made from.

So there you go – using those videos you should be able to wow your friends with your scarves 🙂


5 thoughts on “How I learned to knit using the internet

  1. What wonderful help for beginning knitters. My own beginning knitting was born when I put together a project bag with a ball of yarn, some needles, and a beginner’s book — part of my plan to entertain myself following my knee replacement surgery. It worked wonderfully well and kept me from thinking too closely about the pain. While my knitting is still no where near advanced, I’m happy with the new adventures it has brought me.

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