Book group -The 19th Wife

Having had several conversations with people about how nice it would be to join a book group I decided it was about time that we did.. in a rare proactive move I set one up..

It was so easy.. I just emailed 3 friends and told them to invite a couple of people and that was it 🙂

We’re meeting in a bookstore that has a bar and serves cake (covering all bases!) and I thought it might be nice to share..


Our first book is the 19th wife by David Ebershoff and we met on the 24th March.
If you’ve read the book or have time to read it let me know what you think in the comments below and I’ll share your thoughts with the group and report back after we meet..

So that’s what I’ve been reading,

I’ve been watching
Series 1 through 6.. (this may explain my intermittent blog posting)

playing [Ginger Dawn](
check out the intro 🙂

buying [wool](—128-tarn-1534-p.asp) – I’m trying for a garment rather than a scarf this time.. you may see photos (depends on my success!).

I’m playing catch up on reading blogs as well as writing posts but have just spotted a great post on [different scissor types over at Purl Bee]( I have a worrying scissor purchasing addiction which this may do quite a bit to feed!


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