A belated valentines sewing gift

String of hearts
Photo by [Aussiegall](http://www.flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/465898486)

I’m back. Did you miss me??
I know I’ve been neglecting you all recently but it’s been for a good reason…

Over the past few months I have been working hard on a new and improved list of sewing blogs. I am hugely thrilled and humbled by the success of the current list. Maintaining the list and the blog in my limited spare time became a constant struggle and in the end I didn’t do either.

[Sewing-blogs.com](http://www.sewing-blogs.com/) is much more than just a list. It allows you to comment and tag all of the blogs. The sewing world is an amazing community that I am privileged to be a member of. My wish is that [Sewing-blogs.com](http://www.sewing-blogs.com/) can become a small corner of that community where people can find new and exciting blogs to read and can strike up some conversations in the comments.

If your blog isn’t listed there is an easy form to [add your blog](http://www.sewing-blogs.com/blogs/add) and once approved you will be part of the list.

When you next have a spare hour to get lost reading the many amazing blogs on the list can I suggest you check out [sewing-blogs.com](http://www.sewing-blogs.com), create yourself an account and help to extend our fabulous community.

##how can I help??

There are a number of ways you could help:

1) spread the word – please tell all your friends about this blog post and [sewing-blogs.com](http://www.sewing-blogs.com)

2) [grab a badge](http://www.sewing-blogs.com/page/badges/) – if your blog is listed then help tell the world and put a badge on your site

3) get involved – the way [sewing-blogs.com](http://www.sewing-blogs.com) becomes truly helpful is when there are lots of people tagging and commenting on the blogs

4) subscribe – lastly I’d love it if you [subscribed to this blog](http://feeds.distilled.co.uk/suzical), I promise to write more frequently now the new list is up and running!


4 thoughts on “A belated valentines sewing gift

  1. I can already see my productivity dropping! I could spend hours surfing great craft blogs. Thanks for such a comprehensive list- I can’t wait to browse and find some new blogs!

  2. Somehow I found your blog today as well as your list of sewing blogs available in the virtual sewing world. What a great idea chock-full of resources for all of us. I’m tickled to death I’m on the list. Thank you so much for doing this as it’s ever so helpful and very inspirational.

  3. Hi Suzy
    I am interested (yet again) to know how one’s position on the big list is arrived at, as I appear to be number 5 (Yippee!) but have no idea how I got there.
    I am very pleased to have got there of course.
    As I write this in the North of England you will be enjoying the wedding. The weather is reasonable for you.Enjoy it.

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