Breaking the silence..

Thanks for all your comments about reformatting the [Big List of Sewing Blogs](, I have that underway my lovely husband is working very hard to get it finished and if you’d like to be involved in testing the new list please let me know!

Since my last post – many moons ago the number of people to be added to the list has grown and grown so there will definitely be an add your blog section on the new and improved list of sewing blogs..

My discoveries since I last blogged include:
[Ravelry]( – a great resource for knitting – I found [this scarf]( through it and just about figured it out..

On the subject of knitting, I discovered a knitting group literally under my nose. The ladies in question admitted snooping in our kitchen window which overlooks the local pub. They run an annual street party, a book club, film club, knitting group and I was invited to football training.. Obviously I knew there was a street party, but I’d no idea there was such a lovely community group right on our doorstep.. Which is a shame as we’re starting to look into moving further out of London

And the [Kew image library]( – which I know already is going to be fab, I love the botanical embroideries of [Trish Burr]( and have already found a beautiful image on there which I’d like to gave a try in silk shading

I received another of Trish’s books for Christmas – through strong hinting on my part, followed by a quick email with the amazon link to Duncan.. I already had the [Redoute’s flowers book]( which is really lovely but the [Long and Short Stitch Embroidery book]( has a fantastic introduction to the technique followed by some small projects to get used to the technique.


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