Cheng Yang Anchor embroidery kit

Wedding Sampler

I can finally blog about the project I worked on through the summer.

Very good friends of ours got married in September, Duncan was best man and as they have both always been supportive of my embroidery I wanted to give them something special.

It’s from an Anchor kit called [Cheng Yang](
Which by-the-by was bought from [sewandso]( a site I’ve bought from a few times now and have had great service..

I know it has the size on the description, but it didn’t really compute until I opened the pack 🙂
It was certainly the biggest piece I’ve ever done and it was pretty intense sewing between our wedding in June and Will and Heather’s in September.. but it was great fun to do, with the outline drawn it felt a bit like colouring in – it’s mainly long and short or satin stitch with a bit of stem stitch.

There are [other kits]( available in a similar style, which are quite tempting..

Wedding Sampler Closeup

Tomorrow I’ll be starting on a new project. A few months ago I offered to make a batch of cards as an offering in an auction of promises to raise money for the [Light Opera group]( I’m a member of. I took along a few photos of cards already featured on the blog and my lot sold 3 times over.. Two girls wanted cards but the guy I’m meeting tomorrow wanted a piece of artwork, so tomorrow evening we’re meeting to decide what he would like! I’m very nervous as my designs have tended to be quite small but I’ll take a bunch of books along and see what style he likes..

Wedding Sampler Closeup


4 thoughts on “Cheng Yang Anchor embroidery kit

  1. well done for stitching that!, i used to work for anchor as a designer, cheng yang (and it’s partner kwang tung) have been in their embroidery range for a long, long time. they seem to have a timeless appeal.

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