Honeymoon canvas print

When Duncan and I got back from honeymoon we searched through the 1300 pictures he had taken! I have previously posted some of my favourites. Duncan’s favourite was a picture of a cheetah he had taken on the second day of our trip.

We were driving along the bumpiest road known to man. The route took us from Lake Manyara, up past the Ngorogoro Crater and on to our lodge in the Serengeti National park. About 10 minutes after leaving the check point to pay for entrance to the Serengeti our driver got a call on his radio about two cheetahs that were just sat by the side of a small road we were about to drive past. (How anyone spotted some of the animals we saw I will never know!) We turned off and sure enough there were two brothers relaxing in the sun. The had obviously only just eaten, their bellies were enormous and they still had blood around their mouths. We spent a good 15 minutes just sat in the van admiring them.

Duncan had already found a place that did canvas prints – CanvasRus. We went for a canvas with gallery wrap which looks amazing. The print came within a week and we are both chuffed, I’d definitely recommend you give them a go.

Cheetah canvas print

Cheetah canvas print from CanvasRus

The honeymoon was amazing and having this picture around will bring back all the memories. We are going to put it up in our hallway.


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