Still here!

Just surfacing from an amazing holiday 🙂

I’ve been back for a couple of weeks but laundry and life have gotten in the way of my blogging!

I returned to 800 unread blog posts, around 70 blog submissions for the big list and a huge pile of work at my day job.. So apologies to those waiting to get added to the list – you’re all on the database now, just waiting for me to republish the list.. but that’s not working at the moment, so while you’re being even more patient 🙂 here are some photos from Tanzania:


5 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. These photos are unreal! How absolutely incredible! Love the spotted mystery pic. Sure hope you’ll share details and more photos after you’ve played catch-up.

  2. HI Suzy,

    I didn’t read your post before sending u a mail, so i didn’t u where overbooked sorry. Sending this from France, hope my post won’t go directly in your spam box. I submided for being on the big sewing list.
    YYYes these holidays! nice pics

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