So I didn’t [make it to Liberty](, my meetings were moved, my lunch break was free and I had just enough time to race there an back… but an over strenuous aerobics session the day before meant I could barely walk, never mind rush across central London..

I did, however, make it to John Lewis on Wednesday, not to meet [Amy Butler]( but to browse the stand they had set up. I had a lovely browse through MidWestern – which just looks amazing, very inspiring designs, ideas and beautiful photography.. it felt very tranquil! – definitely on the Christmas list if anyone’s taking notes!


and I admired piccies on [Lisa]( and [Jo’s]( blogs – neither of them was so foolish as to cripple themselves with too many leg lifts!

Once recovered from my aerobic endeavours, I ventured into the world of tap dancing this week. A lunch time beginners course in the gym at work – and it was fab! We did the opening to All That Jazz, from Chicago.. Jazz hands a plenty!

I’m having a real summer of Hen Parties and Weddings this year, which I’m loving, certainly not getting Post-wedding blues with so many others to look forward to! My new colleague is beginning to think I do nothing but attend these functions though.. It’s hen party number 4 this weekend – a joint Hen and Stag do in Chester, a city I’ve never visited before. I may do further injury to myself on Sunday at the high wire forest adventure course [Go Ape](…


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