Back in the habit

My friend spotted this [blog post]( about dating a startup company owner, she was thinking this sounds familiar as she realised she was wearing an ironic search engine optimisation tshirt..
Our partners are business partners so we are united in this weird world! The boys just got iphones and I’m not sure if Hev is also experiencing iphone widowhood?? but everytime I turn round D’s looking something up or checking his email! The upside is I get his old phone as a replacement for my old brick, I can finally take photos on my camera 🙂


Exciting news over on [U-handblog](, Amy butler is in London next week. She’ll be at [Liberty on tuesday]( I’m hoping I can move some meetings at work, though at the moment the people involved are still on holiday..

Check out this giveaway over at [Funky and Delightful](, congratulations on 100 posts!!

It’s weird how easy it is to get out of the habit of blogging and sewing in fact and how difiicult it is to get back in the habit again! I’ve been waiting for something earth shattering to blog about and then I realised this week, one of the things I like to read is the more personal stuff – the details not just what people are making but how they fit it in around the rest of their lives.. Lisa has [a good post over on Craftboom about how she lays out her day](, she’s lucky enough to do this for a living, so has all day to play with (around the admin of course!) – how do the rest of you find the time and the energy??


3 thoughts on “Back in the habit

  1. harder, I think, to find the time and energy during the school summer holidays! but generally I tidy my sewing room and sort my knitting stuff out and look through books and read some blogs and then find voila! I NEED TO CRAFT!!
    Happy sewing!

  2. Hi there! I’m quite addicted to blogging but I do find it harder to get back to sewing regularly during summer but when fall comes out comes knitting and a bunch of sewing comes back out and there I go. By the way you’re qelcome to participate to the giveaway that I’m having.

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