Wedding presents

As promised, this post is going to be a celebration of my clever friends and family. I was so amazed by the thought and creativity that went in the gifts we received for our wedding, but here I would like to highlight the homemade.

Most particular, from my sister of who it could previously have been said wouldn’t know how to thread a needle!
She sewed every stitch herself and I am so pleased with it!


From my mother-in-law and one of my sisters-in-law another beautiful sampler – I love the colours in the piece!


My husband’s employee [Leonie]( not only designed our [invitations](, but also made us this book, it’s embroidered with our initials: DM on the front and SM on the back


Another of Duncan’s employees, [Emily]( is a very clever artist, she gave us this lovely screen print. My photo doesn’t do it justice, I couldn’t get rid of the reflection – there’s some stitch work on this as well..


We also got some lovely homemade cards – I was using a borrowed camera and not all the photos turned out well, but here’s a photo of most of the cards – there are more out of shot..


and in particular ones from my old flat mate Hannah:

and last but not in the least least a card from my parent’s neighbour, Christine – this is a waterfall card.
I hadn’t come across one before, but I’ve just had a quick google and found a [tutorial]( for how to make this type of card.

So many thanks to all!!


3 thoughts on “Wedding presents

  1. So many lovely handmade gifts, becoming treasured heirlooms already.

    Congratulations on your wedding by the way, I am new here and have just enjoyed browsing through your blog.

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