Show week

The most hectic, stressful and enjoyable week of the year.. and it’s all over!!

I perform with a group called [GLOC]( and we spent the last week living the impossible dream performing Man of La Mancha..


As I’ve been away from the blog and haven’t done any craft or sewing for a few weeks I thought I’d post a photo of me in my costume instead – I played the small role of Fermina the serving girl..


There are [more photos of the cast here]( I’m voting for doing Seussical the musical next year!! 🙂

So today I’m recovering, enjoying the sun and getting ready for the run into the wedding.
I’m going to apologize now for the lack of posting and slow service on the [big list of sewing blogs]( over the next few weeks – I’ll be back in business at the beginning of July when we’re back from the wedding and honeymoon..


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