Two great sewing interviews..

It looks as though summer is finally arriving! and what better way to celebrate than to spend a lazy morning reading about two quite different but equally inspiring women!


Firstly, a fantastic piece over on [Needle’nThread]( by [Trish Burr, split in to parts 1]( [and two](

Trish is author of one of my very favourite embroidery books [Redoute’s finest flowers in embroidery](
My mum bought it for me a few Christmases ago and I had to buy her a copy of her own for mother’s day in order to get my copy back!

The article is full of …..

Sorry bit of an interruption there – a big cry from the kitchen, Duncan sliced his finger rather than the cucumber.. I did everything right – wrapped the finger tightly in a clean tea towel – got him to apply pressure and hold it above his heart and then I panicked!!
I remember now I’m rubbish in an emergency!
However, a couple of plasters and control of the remote for the afternoon and I think he’ll live! 🙂

Anyway, sorry for the break – check out the piece on Trish’s book – there are some amazing photos – definitely worth taking a peak! – and she talks about how she became interested in embroidery and how she came to write these amazing books.. I’ll almost certainly be ordering her [new book](! In fact I’ll probably have to get 2 copies!

The second piece is an interview by the lovely Lisa Lam [with the inspiring Amy Butler](

Amy talks about how she got started and built up the business and has some great advice for people starting out.. I’ll be rereading and taking notes!! But the essence I think was to start simple and focussed with an etsy or ebay store to feel the market out.. which I guess I know, but I’m still experimenting to find my focus and building up the courage to try! – my wedding in 6 weeks time is a good excuse to procrastinate for now!

By the way if you like the look of Amy’s new crockery line at [Mikasa]( (I know I do!) there are some [closer photos here](


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