How does the big list of sewing blogs work?

Sorry folks – I was away for just a few days and had a technical glitch with the list! A few of the blogs disappeared off the list – thankfully it’s all fixed now, but if you spot any more probs – just drop me a line!

I’m often asked how my list of [sewing and craft blogs]( is generated and what the numbers mean so I thought I would try to shed a little light on the matter. Basically it all boils down to magic! Sorry wasn’t that what you wanted to hear?


Firstly, the list has been generated two ways. I added a lot of the blogs that I read on a daily basis which got the list going. Since then people email me asking to be added to the list. I’ve tried to ensure that all the sites I’ve added are blogs that are updated regularly, relatively non commercial and talk about sewing or crafts. I hope this keeps the quality of the list high, and makes it a valuable resource for you. If you aren’t already on the list of sewing blogs, please feel free to email me with your site, and I’ll get you added.

The numbers that are assigned are taken from [technorati]( They rank blogs based on the number of links from other blogs. I’ll post in future about how you can increase this number. You can read more about this on the [technorati blog](

So, the list is hand generated by me (aren’t I good 🙂 ) but the score is based on technorati.

If you have any questions please leave a comment. If you are on the list and haven’t already added a [sewing badge](, I would certainly appreciate you helping me spread the word (and increase my technorati rank 🙂 ). And if you aren’t already listed on the site, then please drop me a line.

Have a good weekend.


13 thoughts on “How does the big list of sewing blogs work?

  1. ah! Now it makes sense – I wondered why I hadn’t gone up the table when I updated my blog address with you 🙂 I thought it updated automatically. (Incidentally my rank is now 492,178)

  2. well Joleo, pity us poor souls who languish in the 20,000,000s. There are too many too numerous to mention or number. How am I ever going to get out of it?!!!
    Is it Hell or merely purgatory?

  3. Hi Suzie

    I am confused aobut technoriati .. does your list update the rank number thingy automatically? my technorati rank as of today is 252,688 BUT .. there seem to be technical problems on that site because although i ‘ping’ every day, i haven’t been updated there for 21 days. Most annoying and I can’t contact them either as it wont let me. Any ideas??

  4. I am still confused. Today my technorati authority went upfrom 41 to 49, my rank went up from 170,000ish to 141,102, but my place on the big list….went down. Call me obsessive, but I just don’t get it. I’m sure its very hard to organise, and you must have your own methods.

  5. What a great site! I just spent 2 hours reading different blogs. I will be definitely adding this one to my website. Hope to get mine here also. It’s fairly new but I love doing it. I know how much time you must spend doing this and I want you to know it is greatly appreciated. The internet just brings everyone so close together. Keep up the good work!

  6. Suzical:

    This is all very interesting to me. I have run a commercial sewing business for 20 plus years. In the last 3-4 years I’ve started teaching other people how to set up a commercial sewing business with industrial equipment. Most of my customers are printers who want to hem and finish their own banners. My first customer flew me to Eugene, Oregon to set up a sewing area – by far the most fun training I’ve done – I fell in love with Eugene and became radicalized. Hope to talk to you someday about your sewing – great job with the blog list!
    best wishes, Terry Sheban / Super Stitches / 888-566-3231

  7. Suzical, What a great list. I love reading other blogs to find ideas or just to get my mind back on track for quilting. I also enjoy looking at other bloggers different crafts. What a great idea. I would love to be added to your list.

  8. Hi! Somehow I missed knowing about your terrific list! I’d love to be included – my blog is a mixed media/craft blog. I’m off to add your badge. Now to check out all those blogs I didn’t know about (on your list!)…

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