New embroidered cards

A couple of happy birthdays this week!

On Thursday we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday – we had fancy cocktails at Pigalle in Picadilly where we saw the fabulous a cappella group [The Magnets](, so this card seemed fitting 🙂


and tomorrow we’re heading over to my sister’s for my niece’s Second birthday – I can’t believe she’s growing up – so much so that I went a bit mad with the number two.. [babel fish]( was very useful for this!


I’ve also had a couple of large additions to my stash recently, we have a raffle each month at my [Guild meetings]( I was lucky enough to win this large bag of tapestry wools – so expect to see a change in my choice of thread..


I was also lucky enough to spot a notice on the intra-net at work offering this stack of Indian silks. The woman giving them away has had them in her loft for 10 years and couldn’t think what to do with them..


I’m not sure what I’ll use this beautiful material for either yet, so if you have any ideas they’ll be very welcome! There are 4 pieces of 2.5 m and the cream silk is 2 m – not sure of the widths..


2 thoughts on “New embroidered cards

  1. Ohh, I really like your card for your niece. 2 is such a fun age (i have a 2 year old). i have seen some really really pretty silk pillows lately.

  2. Nice embroidery work! Cute idea with the number two… my daughter will be two next year and I just may “steal” your idea. And I envy you with the gorgeous wools and silk.

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