Mother's Day cards

Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK this Sunday!

My Mum and future Mother-in-law will be getting lovely Paperchase cards this year.. I have 75 more wedding invites to make and a [scarf]() to knit, so am afraid for me it fell by the wayside. My colleague’s Mum and Mum-in-law will be getting Suzical cards, however – Sarah liked the [Mole card]() so much she asked me to make some more..

A hyacinth for her mother-in-law (as her name means Hyacinth in french!)

and a daffodil for Sarah’s mum:

Which I particularly proud of as my drawing is not the best! 🙂

We have D’s Mum visiting for the weekend and are all going up to my sister’s for dinner on Sunday – to see my parents and Judith’s in-laws as well.
Happy Mother’s Day to all you great Mum’s – hope you’re spoilt this weekend!


9 thoughts on “Mother's Day cards

  1. Just look at all those French knots – you are a French knot master! 🙂

    Thank you for taking part in The Great Comment Expedition on Feeling Stitchy!

  2. hello, i came across your blog when i was looking for daffodil patterns. i’m embroidering dresses for my second daughter who will be born sometime in March, God willing. i cant really do filling stitches and yours is the only one which i found which doesnt need to be filled, and i love it! is there any way you could email the pattern to me, or at least take a picture which shows the pattern from the top? i’m not really good at drawing either and since this picture is a bit slanted, i cant copy it exactly. thanks in advance! 🙂

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