I recently finished reading [The friday night knitting club]( for the second time since Christmas – not something I do very often with a book, but I really enjoyed it. Interestingly opinions seem to be divided over at [Amazon]( – so I guess read it and see or wait for the up coming [film]( with Julia Roberts (who knits in real life) playing the lead character Georgia.

I for one was inspired to pick up some needles after 18 years and re-learn to knit:


and I have to say, so far, I’m doing a lot better than the square I knitted when I was in Guides – it was a holey mis-shapen thing, that my family have not let me forget!!

I’m starting simple and making a (quite wide!) scarf in garter stitch..
What do you think so far? Would I be able to hold my head up in a knitting circle??


One thought on “Knitting

  1. My current–and only- knitting project looks much the same, except in camo greens. And my husband appreciates the holes, lumps and decreasing increases :} as the scarf, whenever it’s done, will have been made with love–over a period of 3 years :}

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