Opus school of textiles exhibition

I went to the [opus school of textile art’s](http://www.opus-online.co.uk/index.htm) 10th anniversary exhibition of textile art today.
I was one of those bright early spring days, crisp but sunny that suits London so well. The exhibition was at the [Mall Galleries](http://www.mallgalleries.org.uk/) just south of Trafalgar Square – lovely looking cafe if you’re passing, but too busy today for me to find a table for a coffee.

Unfortunately I hadn’t thought to take a camera, but there was some amazing stuff – a real mixture, from felting to little people in boots 🙂 The only photos I can find online are [the flier picture](http://www.opus-online.co.uk/index.htm), which has a 3-d mix media piece by Gavin Fry and [this blog post](http://alteringthoughts.blogspot.com/2007/02/opus-school-exhibition.html) from altering thoughts, which shows some experimentation inspired by one of the pieces in the exhbition.

One of the things I noticed was that it was the landscapes that caught my eye the most – I guess that’s one step closer to discovering my own style!??


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