Crafty business

So last week I said I was going to launch Suzical the online shop.
Step one was tell people, and well – it works! I got a commission right off and a couple of other leads..

A colleague asked my to make an anniversary card for her husband – it was a tricky one, she asked for a picture of a mole. It turns out moles are mainly black fur(!) so I went for an out line.. Please excuse the cheesy line, I couldn’t resist!


I have also ordered [mini moo cards]( to use as business cards and [stickers]( because they’re fun!!

I am still weighing up the pros and cons of [Google checkout]( vs. [an Etsy store](

Google seems to have the better rate in terms of fees, but with the shop on my site I’d have to start drumming traffic up. Etsy has a ready made audience and it’s searchable by subject, but there’s lots of direct competition..
For set up Etsy is easier as the template is already there, but as [my fiance]( who’s a web developer, will be building the google checkout – it’s not a deal breaker!

On the other hand with Google checkout I’d have freedom to design the layout how I prefer and any traffic I drum up to my store would be building the Suzical brand rather than Etsy’s..

Let me know what you have used and what (if anything) you’d do different??


4 thoughts on “Crafty business

  1. My vote goes to Google checkout I think. While the initial exposure you get from the etsy marketplace will be useful I think in the long run you’re much better off branding yourself as part of the suzical empire 🙂

    Congrats on getting the shop up and running and getting your first order!

  2. Why not use both Google checkout and Etsy? I’ve seen it done a lot, especially while browsing etsy. Etsy can be a little store, where it can be just a ‘display’ or small ‘gift shop’ featuring good examples of your work. The actual Website store will be the main focus. Then on both of the sites, have the link to the other. Advertise your website’s link all over your profile on etsy.

    Etsy allows you to network and have your products easily be searched. However, your competition is pretty much ‘next door’.

  3. Have you looked at I am in the process of setting up a website with this software. it is fairly easy and does not cost very much under £100 I have spent. Can I ask a question, what determines your ranking on sewing blogs? Is it the number of visitors as my hit counter has rocketed lately but I am ranked 89ish?

  4. I would set up both…start with Etsy because it’s sew easy & gives immediate gratifaction & web presence…that way you can take the time needed for the google site…good luck !

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