First post of 2008

A belated happy New Year!

The 9th of January and I’ve only just sat down to blog! There’s one New Year’s resolution I failed with already 🙂

My Big List of Sewing Blogs has grown to 96! It’s been great – people have started emailing with their blogs and putting my button on their site (Ta!) – it just has to be sewing related and active to get in, so if you think your blog fits the bill do leave a comment/send me an email!

The best part for me is exploring the new blogs, I particularly enjoyed finding Kimono Reincarnate and Travel, Fibre and Thread – who’s doing some great work on this month’s Take it Further Challenge. (I will be blogging my contribution to this month’s challenge over the weekend!)

I finished my first card of the year yesterday! It’s a birthday card for a friend who played Pitti-Sing in our production of the Mikado this summer:


Click on the thumbnail to read the line of music! I’m not sure how easy it would be to do without the thread showing through from the back – maybe it’s the material I used!?

Thanks Jo !


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