Happy Christmas

HAppy Christmas one and all!

The build up to Christmas got just too hectic – and I’m afraid once again it was the blog that fell by the wayside – I feel a New Years’ resolution coming on there! Has anyone else thought that far ahead yet??

We went down to Eastbourne, on the South coast, for a very festive wedding on Saturday and then a long haul up to Harrogate on Sunday for Christmas with Duncan’s parents. I love Christmas and I adore hearing about family traditions – no two families are the same are they? I just got time to sit down with the computer and spotted [this post over at Busywork](http://busywork.wordpress.com/2007/12/22/christmas-traditions/) about their family traditions and it struck me that breakfast was actually a big one for Christmas day – my family has always had bacon sandwiches, Duncan’s have porkpie and mustard and when we have Delaney Christmas (a second Christmas day with D’s old flatmates) we have scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and bucks fizz.

We off to my parents tomorrow and will stay there until New Years Day – so I’ll be without internet access for another week.

So have a Happy New Year and I’ll be back in 2008!


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