Personal Library of Stitches week two

I’m still playing catch up, but I had a productive afternoon in front of Harrogate Railway vs. Mansfield in the FA cup – as well as spotting my future father-in-law in the crowd (not a huge crowd I have to say!), I also worked my way through lesson two.

I wanted to try all of the stitches Sharon listed, so design wasn’t really a priority – I like the idea of keeping the sampler in my sewing box for inspiration!


I worked my way through the list of stitches:

starting with triple chain stitch butterflies at the bottom

A little pattern with double fly stitch and french knots over on the right

A crown stitch pattern on the left

I played about with some detached chain flowers up at the top

A circle of detached chain in the middle

A whipped long armed chain top right

Tulip stitch up at the top – I made a little man which I think is quite cute!

there’s also some moss and berry stitch on there somewhere

And finally a woven picoult flower which I’m also rather proud of!


I’ll try and get week three’s lesson started this week!


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