Personal Library of Stitches week one

I’ve finally finished my first week of Sharon Boggon’s [Personal library of Stitches]( course!

Inspired by a post on[crafting in public]( I took some materials with me on a train journey last week. I sat and sewed all the way back to London. It made the journey pass very quickly and I was probably the only one glad it was delayed by half an hour as it allowed me to finish my piece! I also had an interesting conversation with the woman sat next to me, she wanted to learn to knit – I told her about [Stitch n Bitch]( and I hope she gives it a try!!


So onto my sampler – I packed quickly so had to make do with limited resources, but I had a lovely green piece of felt!
To begin with I thought I’d just go through the stitches Sharon had detailed in the notes (I didn’t have a stitch dictionary with me) in straight rows – as you can see with the Guilloche stitch and the Portuguese stem stitch – which I’m still not sure I’ve got right! – If anyone can give me some pointers as to why it looks so messy??
I got a bit carried away with the feather stitch and decided it reminded me of a snail and my original plan was to use a chained bar to finish it off, but it just didn’t look right – which is why I just left the long stitches..

It’s not when you actually look at it a huge amount of sewing, but I enjoyed working on felt and I incorporated stranded cotton and 4 different sizes of perle…


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