Round up

After being really busy last week, I’ve had a bit of a quiet one this week. I haven’t been feeling great – I have one of those half colds that won’t fully develop, but has still wiped me out!

It’s the first week of Sharron Boggon’s Personal Library of stitches course, I’ve not managed to produce anything yet but there’ve been some great things created by others in the group [here](, [here]( and [here](

Elsewhere, I love these [faces]( embroidered on pillowcases over at Needle N Thread!

I’m looking forward to the arrival of my copy of Amy Butler’s [In Stitches]( even more since I saw [these trousers]( Our sorting office in Streatham was apparently the worst effected place in the country – and we’re still feeling the effects of the strike – since seeing those trousers I’m getting more impatient!!

I’m addicted to [free rice]( a fun game, that feeds people – for every right answer they donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations.. Check it out I’ve already expanded my vocabulary and fed people! šŸ™‚
– The only problem it’s addictive and it’s easy to convince yourself you have to keep playing as it’s doing good!


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