Movers and shakers..

I didn’t really expect to see so much movement within [My big list of sewing blogs](, certainly not so quickly – but 43 blogs have had an increase in their Technorati score in the last week.

The reason I realised was [Sew Mama Sew]( moved up into the top 5. It’s obviously been a good week for them as they also made the [top 1000 blogs on bloglines](!
I’m guessing the main reason for all this activity is the [Handmade holidays]( series they’re running- a set of themed tutorials for Christmas gifts everyday throughout November. It’s certainly how I found the blog and I’m now fully subscribed..

New blogs on the list this week include some fab eye candy and beautiful fabric from [Pink Lemonade Boutique](,
[Indigo Blue]( and
[Arty Lady’s blog](

If you’re on the list why not show off with a [badge](, if you’re not on the list please leave a comment or email me..


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