How to make a beautiful Sock for your Ipod Touch

I got my first commission last week, a friend received an ipod touch for his birthday, and wanted a sock to help keep the ipod looking new and shiny.

The embroidery is the [Distilled]( logo. The time spent on the embroidery for the logo really makes the sock special. Adding a bit of embellishment quickly turns a fairly simple design into something unique.


With Christmas coming up this would make a great gift to go with an ipod. The sock itself is quite simple to make. No matter what size of ipod you have you can follow the same plan. I’ve designed this tutorial to help you size the sock to fit your own MP3 player..


**1.** Cut out a piece of material that wraps around your ipod – leave plenty of extra material around the ipod as we’ll trim the excess later. I used denim for this one and a piece of stiff waterproof material for the example above. If you have it, try to find a relatively stiff piece of material, as this will keep its shape much better.


**2.** Either hem the top of the material or trim with ribbon. Trimming with ribbon is a great way to add a bit more style and enables you to come up with some creative designs. Try keeping the sock a plain material and adding a thin strip of your favourite material.

If you’re going to add some embroidery, do it at this point before sewing up the sock – be sure to mark the bottom and sides of the ipod with pins so you know how much space you have to work in.


**3.** Place the ipod on the material and mark the edges with pins. Machine or hand stitch the bottom and side to make a snug fit.


**4.** Make sure the ipod fits in OK and adjust the sides if necessary (!) Once you’re happy with the fit, trim any excess material.

**5.** Turn sock the right way round and enjoy!



This is one I added embroidery to, quite a simple design can have a great effect – I’m really pleased with it! πŸ™‚

Let me know how you get on and send me a link to any photos!


7 thoughts on “How to make a beautiful Sock for your Ipod Touch

  1. How much do you charge for these? I’d like to order your second commission πŸ™‚

    Only of course my ipod is better than Will’s :-p

    These really do look cool though!

  2. Not at all Suzi – I’m more than happy to pay for work where it’s justified!

    We can sort out next time I’m down. These things are really cool so I’d be happy to be your first purchase πŸ™‚

    Yeah a Distilled logo would be cool, branding is branding!

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