The big list of sewing blogs

I’m very excited to announce the launch of

The Big List of Sewing Blogs

This list is a collection of all the sewing and craft blogs that I currently subscribe to. Over the next few weeks with your help I’d like to turn this list into a list of **ALL** the sewing and craft blogs that are out there. When you spot one I haven’t included, please leave a comment on this post and I’ll try to get them added.

For each blog on the list I have (with the help of [Duncan]( looked up their rank on the Technorati Api. This score is then used to rank the blogs. *

Currently heading the list are the following blogs…

1. [angry chicken]( 1,470
2. [not martha]( 2,749
3. [whip up]( 3,017
4. [HELLO my name is Heather]( 6,661
5. [SouleMama]( 8,678

I’ve created a [badge]( for you to put on your website’s to tell your readers you’re listed on [the Big List of Sewing Blogs](
I will be updating the scores about once a week, so please bookmark this list, and check back regularly…

* _There are a couple of blogs on the list which for some reason didn’t get a score. However I wanted to get the list live, so I’ll try and fix those over the next few days_


8 thoughts on “The big list of sewing blogs

  1. Hi Suzi, thanks for including my blog in your Big List of Sewing Blogs – a big undertaking so good luck with it. I have tried to put the badge on my blog and the link works but I haven’t got the picture. I’m not very good at those sorts of things so no doubt the problem lies with me! It doesn’t look quite as good as you intended but does work.

  2. Wow what a great idea!

    I can’t believe that I’m #11 like WOW!

    Do you think you could make up a badge that is 125 wide? The available one is too large for my side bar.

  3. hi there…
    i like your idea very much…when i started sewing I would have been so grateful to have such a resource…
    I have a blog on sewing and have tried to join your list, but i think i might be doing something wrong… 😦
    could i ask you what am i doing wrong?…

  4. Hi there, I have put my site forward twice over a matter of two months and yet cannot find it anywhere. Can you tell me what is the problem and when is the site updated … it does state a few weeks or maybe a month but this is much longer … do let me know. Regards Annabelle . PS Love the site … such a good idea.

    • Hi Annabelle,

      I’m terribly sorry and should have a big sign on the site, I’ve recently had a baby and am afraid the Big List has taken a bit of a back seat!
      I am planning to have a big sort out and try to get on top of things – I promise!

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