Sunday round up

Another Sunday recovering, this time from Will’s birthday drinks (happy birthday Will!). This morning D’s off coaching under 11’s hockey, so I have a cup of coffee and three hours to play 🙂

So here’s a couple of Halloween posts:
[Creative Kismet]( has some fab Halloween creatures – safely locked away in jars!

[Feeling stitchy]( has a great video tutorial for a Halloween owl made from felt. If I had the stuffing it might be my plan for the morning, but the craft shop I go to is closed on Sundays!

Some funky mushrooms:
I spotted the cutest mushrooms over at [Bella Dia]( which are adorable in themselves, but it’s worth taking a look at the comments, the post mentions she’s suffering with a bit of Carpal Tunnel and there’s so much support and advice out there!

A swap
[Craft Dasies]( has a bookmark swap, as my current bookmark is a bit scruffy, it’s sounds like a great idea!

and a design tool..
Duncan had time to stumble upon a this [design tool]( before he left this morning. I might try print off a couple and see what I can do with them!


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