Sunday, sunday

Lazy Sundays are one of my favourite things!
This morning we’re recovering from a great night out – celebrating England’s great win last night – I can’t believe we made the rugby world cup final! 🙂
I was in trouble for booking us tickets for a reunion of the G&S group I was in at university, but they put the telly on for the second half so we got to watch most of the excitement and I was forgiven!! – Thankfully I didn’t make plans for next Saturday evening!!

We’re going to head round to my sister’s for Sunday lunch in a little while, but in the mean time I’m catching up with the week’s blogs!
[Lisa over at Craftboom]( has a great post on [how to increase traffic to your craft business blog](
So I’ve had a busy half hour adding my blog to various directories including:

Directory of Crafts Blogs

[Technorati](Technorati Profile)


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