W is for…

[Whip up](http://whipup.net/) A great collaboration of a blog – with so many different contributors there’s generally something of interest over on [Whip up](http://whipup.net/)- and I just noticed they’re now taking article and [tutorial submissions](http://whipup.net/about/submission-guidelines/) if anyone has anything in mind??

Wimbledon We went to Wimbledon on Friday, for the Davis cup – Great Britain vs Croatia. I was my first trip to Wimbledon – in fact my first live tennis match! I love watching live sport – I was brought up with fortnightly trips to watch Barnsley play football and still go when ever possible! The atmosphere was amazing! We saw Andy Murray win in 5 sets, which was great as we were sat with a huge crew from the [Andy Murrary website](http://andymurray.com/)! and then watched Tim Henman play his last professional singles match (he played doubles yesterday!), which as you can imagine was hugely emotional!! D’s Dad had us sorted out with signs – you might recognise the [Arise Sir Timothy sign](http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?EventId=76361313) from yesterday’s press! We’ve never had so many tabloid’s in the flat!! 🙂
Finally, to top the day off as the ball boys were walking off we were thrown towels used by the players in the match! So I’m the proud owner of Tim Henman’s very sweaty towel – we are going to wash it and use it for the gym as it’s really quite stinky!! 🙂

Whisky [Duncan’s](http://distilled.co.uk) favourite drink, we generally have about 12-15 bottles of whiskys and bourbons in, so I’m getting to be a bit of an expert! In fact, he also owns a share in a cask that’s maturing as I type, you can buy a bottle (due to be bottled in 2015) [here](http://www.adramintime.co.uk).


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