T is for…

[Tuggle](http://www.tuggle.co.uk/) – A recent find from a friend, this website showcases the work of over 80 crafters in the UK – an [etsy](http://www.etsy.com/) for the UK!! Hopefully somewhere I may apply to sell things through when I my self sorted out!

Trains – I know an awful lot more about Trains than I ever thought I’d want to – my nephew is obsessed with them! By 18 months he could recite the stops between London Kings Cross and Cambridge, he can now tell you what type of GNER train you’re looking at!
Trains are also important to me as I love to read and I get 25 mins on the journey to and from work to spend reading! 🙂 a great start and end to the day!!

Time – Something I’m sure we could all do with more of! I often find there’s not enough time to fit everything in, especially when I start browsing craft websites/blogs! I think it’s something I need to plan better so I can get more done!

[Twelve 22](http://www.twelve22.org/) – a lovely blog with delicious photos!


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