P is for…

Proms in the park Last night we celebrated the Last night of the proms at [Proms in the Park](http://www.bbc.co.uk/proms/2007/pitp/) – a concert in Hyde park. As we got there early we got a great plot for our picnic (another good P!) and enjoyed a great afternoon/evening of music, rounding off with some patriotic singing!

Pirates of Penzance The first G&S show I did with Duncan. Due to the lack of men in [the company](http://www.gloc.org/) at that time, I got to play a pirate! It was great fun – I had facial hair and everything! Unfortunately it was before digital cameras and we don’t have a means of scanning them in – I have been told I look better with the facial hair, so it’s an option for the wedding! 🙂

Peony A beautiful flower, one I’m planning on including in my wedding bouquet. My mum is busy making the flowers for my cake out of icing – I think she has finished the peony already (I’ll try and get a photo when I go visit in October) and is busy making lavender and rose buds..

I owe my mum a lot for introducing me to crafting – she has been cake decorating, flower arranging and sewing for years and growing up she was always going to classes for one thing or another. I’m hoping she’ll be able to come down in October to join me at the [knitting and stitching show](http://www.twistedthread.com/knittingandstitchingshow/alexandrapalace.asp).


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