BlogDay 07

A post over on [Uhandbag]( alerted me to this great day in celebration of blogs.
The directions are [here](, but basically all you have to do is find 5 new blogs you’re interested in, let them know you’re recommending them and post links to them and the blogday website.. sounds easy so far!!

Now for the difficult bit, in no particular order…

1. [Pink chalk studio]( I discovered this site earlier in the week – there are some lovely tutorials and [these fab mice]( which are just adorable!!

2. [Faffing about]( The name of this blog attracted me in itself, but there’s also some great work on the [Take a stitch Tuesday challenge]( and some lovely ATCs – I’m looking forward to making some of these myself, when my arm’s back to full strength.

3. [LAM’s blog]( A fellow student in the [sumptuous surfaces]( class, I only discovered this blog towards the end of the class and in particular I just loved the seashore piece – definitely worth checking out!!

4. [My half of the brain]( Tutorials galore!! I stumbled upon this blog earlier in the week and there are lots of links to free tutorial for various sewing projects – a great source of inspiration!

5. [twelve22]( The photographs on this site are just incredible! There’s a lot of yummy food, so don’t browse on an empty stomach! ๐Ÿ™‚

There you have it 5 blogs I discovered this week (slightly bending the rules there!)
I think the final instruction was to [add the BlogDay tag]( ) and wish you all a Happy BlogDay!



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