Blackwork – the final push

I am so close to finishing my blackwork piece.

I had a lesson at the RSN earlier in the week and added her whiskers. All that’s left before I take her off the frame and mount is to remove all the tacking stitches I put in to outline the design.

This is painstakingly slow, using tweezers and a blunt needle – and good light and trying not to undo any of the end I’ve so carefully tied in! I’ve spent 3 mornings this week working on it when the light is good. But I still have a few more to work on.


Here’s the almost finished piece! – the line at the top of the shoulder is a needle..

Next up is appliqué – I’ve already started looking for fabrics. I’ve spent so long on Elsa I’m really looking forward to starting something new.

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Happy new year


January is a great time for resolutions and I seen to be making quite a few!

We decided to switch our bedrooms around. My lovely husband has spent a few of his precious holiday days decorating our new room. Which has led to a bit of a spring clean –  we’ve cleaned the carpets (with a rug doctor and everything) and I’ve gone through my wardrobe – there’s quite a pile for the charity shop.

Im also trying to get fitter in 2015, my friends and I are training for the London 2 Brighton walk in May. I might not do it, but am starting the training with them. So far we’re swimming weekly, which I really missed over Christmas!

The final thing is to try and use my time better, plan a bit more so I can get more done while Ted is at school.
A good friend bought me a diary for Christmas, it’s lovely with a William Morris design.


Duncan and I use Google calendar – his mainly for work and I can put things in his or see if he’s busy so we hopefully don’t double book ourselves. So I wasn’t sure to begin with how much I would get out of the diary, but I couldn’t bear not to use it. So I’m using it as a planner for my to do lists and hopefully this will help me to make more of my time..


Excuse the terrible photo – I was trying not to get my fingers in. As you can see I can now tick off blog about resolutions!
Now I have to empty all the bedding out of what will be Duncan’s wardrobe..

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Memory quilts


Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a fun festive period. We have had a lovely time and still have family staying with us.

I’m taking advantage of a quiet half hour to finally share a project that had me busy in the run up to Christmas.

I made my nephew and niece a memory quilt each. Something I’ve been going to do for a while and have really love working on.


I managed to incorporate some pockets, trims and a big bow into Anna’s quilt – which I was pretty pleased with!

And after Ted goes back to school I have another to work on for a friend’s children.. After which I shall offer memory quilts as a listing on my Etsy store

New bird embroidery commission


A good friend of mine asked me to do a bird embroidery for her parents for their Christmas present.
We had a look through a bird book together and she said they like nut hatches so I created the sketch above to work from.

I had loads of fun stitching this one, but really felt the pressure of it being a commission! I always try to create the best embroidery I can, but this one had a predetermined home and I didn’t want to let Kate down!


Thankfully she’s really happy with the finished result and I hope her parents will be too!

Check out the rest of my bird embroideries here..

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More blackwork

After a six month break, today I made it back to the Royal School of Needlework!

It was a good day to be there as I got to attend a short Remembrance Day service. Very moving, especially with a piper playing!

Knowing how long I had been away from my blackwork, I spent the last 3 days trying to get my head around the piece and get as much as I could done so I could start on a new area.


I had a really productive day, and got the jaw and mouth started and have a good plan for the rest of the head.

I’m really excited to get stitching again, unfortunately that might not be until next week now.

Tomorrow I have to finish a superhero cape for Ted to wear for Children in Need on Friday.

Thursday I’m volunteering at the Tower of London – helping to dismantle the poppies that have been displayed there..



Back to black(work)

Hi folks, it’s been a while. Ted is settling well into school and I’m trying to get used to not having him around as much!

We took the first half term to settle him in and this half term im getting back to my blackwork and will get back to the RSN next week!


I will admit I haven’t touched my blackwork this summer. I’ve been having way to much fun stitching my birds and setting up my Etsy shop..

When I left it I had decided that there was some unlocking to be done. So that has been the first job..


Then, after tying up the loose ends, slowly putting it back in..


Hopefully this photo, with my guide photo will show what I’m trying to achieve


And one more..


While I’m not sure if this helps any one else see my progress – I really find that taking photos helps me to see the shading. Much more so than looking straight at the stitching..

My husband says you still can’t see what she’s going to be, my son thinks it’s a turtle.. There’s some way to go yet!

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